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Telomera is co-funded by the European union


Study Design:

Randomized, placebo controlled trial.

Study Goal:

Develop a preventive treatment protocol for slowing down the aging process.

Study Description:

During the study, it is planned to create a preventive protocol for slowing down the aging process, which will be used to determine a person's biological age, assess a person's state of health, select and prescribe a personalized package of nutritional supplements and substances that affect the aging process, monitor a person's biological age and other health markers, and adjust the use of nutritional supplements and substances accordingly.

Addressable Problems:

The aging of society causes the following problems: - rising costs health care; - increasing prevalence of chronic, aging-related diseases (e.g. dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.); - life expectancy inequalities. This problem is relevant in Lithuania, because Lithuanians both life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of the population are significantly lower than the EU average. Therefore, even in the National Progress Plan (Resolution No. 797 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of September 29, 2021 redaction) is aimed at increasing the expected healthy life expectancy).

Planned Results:

  • Slowing down the rate of aging;

  • Reverse the biological age clock;

  • Maintain or reach optimal blood marker zones.



Estimated Enrollment:

100 participants

Study Keywords: 

Biomarkers, biomedical research, epigenetics, genetics, aging, aging process, food supplements, personalized medicine, personal health care services, prevention.

Patient Roadmap:

Day1 | Telomera

Day 1

Day 90 | Telomera

Day 60

Day 180 | Telomera

Day 90

Study Kick-Off

  • Genetic Testing

  • Epigenetic Testing

  • Blood Work

  • Supplement Protocol

Control Testing

  • Epigenetic Testing

  • Blood Work

  • Supplement Protocol

Final Testing & Study Warp-Up

  • Epigenetic Testing

  • Blood Work

  • Study Result Review

Scientific Team

Our team is deeply devoted to crafting innovative therapies that reduce the impact of diseases and enhance the overall span of good health for a large number of people

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Founder | Telomera
Dovydas Čalnaris, M.Pharm

Ceo & co-founder

Founder | Telomera
Aurėja Čalnarė


Team Telomera
Vaidas Dirsė, Ph.D

Medical geneticist

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Asta Križanauskienė, Ph.D
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Lead scientist

Team Telomera
Tomas Mikulis

Development director

Untitled design (54).png
Vaiva Zinkevičiūtė, MD.

Preventative medicine doctor

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Team Telomera
Arūnas Žebrauskas, MD.

Research scientist

Team Telomera
Jokūbas Malikėnas, M.Pharm


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