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DNA test


The test covers 15 health areas which include analysis of over 1500 genes.


Your gene summary highlights certain aspects that have results that are not standard and, therefore, a good place to start looking for ways to improve your health and fitness.

DNA kit | Telomera
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Discover your genes

DNA Results
Focus Area
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Muscle Power
Muscle St
O2 Usage
Anaerobic Threshold
Recovery rate
Muscle Mass
Injury Risk
Soft Tissue Inflammation
Lead Body Mass
Power-To-Weight Ratio
Exercise Effect On Weight
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Carbohydrate Response
ated Fats Response

Unsaturated Fats Benefit
Protein Response
Sugar Response
Overeating Sweet Foods
Bitter Taste
Snacking Risk
Metabolic Rate
Fat Distribution
Yo/Yo Diet Response
Lactase Persistence
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Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin A Deficiency
Iron Deficiency
Magnesium Deficiency
Potassium Deficiency
Sodium Deficienc
Vitamin B6 Deficiency
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Folate Deficiency
Selenium Deficiency
Calcium Deficiency
Omega-3 Benefit

BCAA's Benefit
Choline Benefit
Glutamine Benefit
Creatine Benefit
Beta-Alanine Benefit
Arginine Benefit
Icon | Telomera
Cafeine Sensitivity
Genetic Bone Mineral Density
Genetic Obesity Risk
Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Genetic Infection Risk (Cold/Flu)
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Stress And Pressure
Stress And Memory
Dealing With Stress
Stress Leading To Physical Symptoms
Stress And The Heart
Caffeine And Stress
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Night Owl
Sleep Duration
Fragmented Sleep
Stress Affects Sleep
Caffeine Affects Sleep
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Physical Decline With Age
Keeping Cognition With Age
Testosterone With Ageing
Bone Strength Decline With Ageing
Back Pain And Ageing
Stress And Ageing
Icon | Telomera
Injury Risk
Lower Back Pain Risk
Bone And Joint Strength

Achilles Tendinopathy
Knee Injury

Type Of Injury Rehab
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Mental Health
Caffeine And Focus
Dealing With Memory Tasks
Night Productivity
Warrior vs. Worrier
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Gut Health
Gluten Intolerance Risk
Gut Irritability Risk
Gum Health Risk
Stress Affecting Gut Health

Caffeine And Gut Health
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Heart Health
Irregular Heart Rate
Genetic High Blood Pressure
Salt Causing High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol LDL/HDL Imbalance

Cardiovascular Heart Issues
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Immune Function
Vitamin D And Immunity
B Vitamins And Immunity
Selenium And Immunity
PTPN22 And Immunity
Vitamin E And Immunity

Vitamin C And Immunity
Inflammatory Infection Response
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Eye Health
Sight Degeneration With Age
Cataracts Risk
Open-Angle Glaucoma
Beta-Carotene Conversion
Eye Health And B Vitamin Deficiency
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Skin Health
Sun Sensitivity
Skin Ageing
Beta Carotene Conversion
Gluten And Skin
Likelihood Of Freckles
Colagen Breakdown

Skin Glycation
Skin Ancestry
Dermal Sensitivity
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Muscle Health
Myostatin Related Performance
Exercise Induced Muscle Pain
Stress Related Muscle Pain
Coq10 Deficiency
Laboratory | Telomera

Our lab

We use world class global laboratory facilities. Our laboratory partner is the number one global leader in the bioanalytical testing market. They operate over 800 labs in 47 countries, ensuring your results are as accurate as they can be.



Our partner complies with ISO 17025:2005. The certification is applied to Illumina Infinium genotyping protocol ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation. It was one of the first companies in the world to implement the 2017 version.

We work with Illumina’s state-of-the-art automatisation protocols including automated DNA extraction protocols. They use the following robotic systems in the process: LGC Octopure Tecan Robots Multidrop System iScan Autoloaders Opentron OT-2

Eurofins | Telomera
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Why we start with human data?

Gene | Telomera
Epigenetic testing

Epigenetics reveals how your diet, lifestyle and environment have been affecting you at a cellular and genetic level

Blood cells | Telomera
Blood biomarker identification

Go beyond identifying generic, “clinically normal” ranges to unveil your body’s unique, optimal biomarker zones

Supplements | Telomera
Diagnostics based supplementation

Knowing what raw materials your body lacks allows you to prevent nutrient deficiencies and perform your best

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